Where to Get the Best Seafood Sandwiches in Marin: 5 Top Restaurants

02 / 2022 | by: Marin Magazine

Marin’s connection to local waters runs deep — from historic boatyards and rafting logs on high tide to oyster farms and sustainable fishing. And (humble brag), some of the best seafood restaurants anywhere are located here. For a true taste of Marin, there might be nothing more satisfying than digging into an unassuming sandwich that shows off the marine riches of Northern California (and a little beyond).



It doesn’t get more classic than chef Casey Thompson’s Crispy Fish Sandwich. Firm black cod is breaded and fried, then topped with shredded lettuce, dill pickles and tartar sauce before landing on a torpedo roll. It’s the kind of sandwich that reminds you that simple fare done right is all you wanted all along.

table full of delicious food and people eating main dish is a tray of bacon with dill pickles and some baby carrots radish and onion