Top Chef: 10 Fan-Favorite Chefs (& Where Fans Can Eat Their Food)

06 / 2021 | by: Screen Rant

For 17 seasons, the cooking competition show Top Chef has featured exciting locations, grueling challenges, and exquisite dishes. Starting from the second season, the show allows the viewers to vote for their favorite competing chef; the winner of this vote is awarded a $10,000 prize.


Many chefs have earned this title through their cooking skills and their personalities, and have used their prize money for their restaurants or charities that they support. While many people dream about owning their own restaurants, these beloved Top Chef contestants have establishments up and running for fans to come and enjoy the dishes they fell in love with.


Casey Thompson (Folktable)

The Fan Favorite winner of Top Chef: Miami, Casey Thompson won fans over with her Southern charm and her American-French style of cooking. Originally from Dallas, Thompson made the move to Napa Valley in California after her time on the show. Her current endeavor, Folktable, focuses on a seasonal menu and local ingredients. Some current dishes include spring vegetable soup, smoked salmon on a toasted croissant, and a rendition of spicy fried chicken. Thompson also plans to open a new restaurant Georgette, which is currently on hold due to the pandemic.

table full of delicious food and people eating main dish is a tray of bacon with dill pickles and some baby carrots radish and onion