Saxton Jones

General Manager of Restaurants

Saxton, from the small-town of Stilwell, KS, just south of Kansas City, started his restaurant career when he was 15 years old. Working at a small barbeque restaurant, he prepped and smoked all the meats while still attending school. After turning 20 years of age, he uprooted his entire life and moved to Napa, CA where he then started to explore different types of roles within the industry. He quickly moved his way up from food runner to sommelier, and from consulting director to the point person for opening restaurants.


His passion is wine. He fell in love with everything about it while working for Thomas Keller in Yountville. The fascination of how wine can elevate food really spoke to him. After working at 1313 Main in downtown Napa he then began consulting and became a Beverage Director for many other restaurants. As a Certified Sommelier, Saxton is putting his experience, passion, talent, and hard work into being the General Manager of Restaurants for Sonoma’s Best Hospitality Group. You can find Saxton with a smile on his face at both Folktable and The Depot in Sonoma.



table full of delicious food and people eating main dish is a tray of bacon with dill pickles and some baby carrots radish and onion