Landy Landercasper

Landy's Bio

Growing up along the Mississippi River Valley in La Crescent, Minnesota, Christopher “Landy” Landercasper was raised with a strong relationship to the land. Both of his parents came from a line of farmers and he and his brother Sam helped to tend 350 acres of pasturelands, woodlands, hay, oats, corn and soybeans. Landy learned first-hand that the decision to go organic was as much about ethics and nature as it is about practicalities and commerce. In the early years, organic farming seemed to be sustainable in all ways except financially, leading him to study economics and philosophy at Colorado College.


The combination of his studies and upbringing coupled with a growing worldwide recognition of the impacts humans were having on the climate lead him to believe a career in organic farming would be a worthwhile pursuit.


Landy joined Sonoma’s Best Hospitality Group (SBHG) in 2020, after seeing the vast scope and potential to eventually build one of the most diverse organic farms in California, across all the properties in its collective. Landy is currently exploring a full-circle farming concept referred to as “grass-farming”. The practice ensures the most efficient way to cultivate and use nitrogen (the primary building block for organic agriculture).


Inspired by his experience working on his home farm and at Longmeadow Ranch, Landy hopes its focus on the health of the soils and permanent grass pastures will ensure that everything – produce to protein – farmed on it will thrive and regenerate for generations to come.


Landy’s focus is to capitalize on produce that tastes best when freshly picked (like tomatoes), so that each property – and its guests – can benefit from its direct, unfettered, same-day access to our organic farms and his longterm goal is to set an example for future organic farmers and help prove that organic farming can be a fulfilling career choice and financially successful thereby expanding the footprint of organic farming on a much larger scale, building sustainable soils, healthier people and communities.



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