KTV morning news at 9AM

05 / 2023 | by: KTVU

Chef Casey Thompson, renowned for her culinary expertise, was showcased during the 9AM segment on KTVU’s FOX networks channel 2. The segment highlighted the exceptional cuisine found in Sonoma’s wine country


Renowned culinary expert Chef Casey Thompson took the spotlight on KTVU’s FOX networks channel 2 during their 9AM segment. The captivating feature showcased the exquisite gastronomic delights of Sonoma’s renowned wine country. With her exceptional culinary skills, Chef Casey Thompson offered viewers a tantalizing glimpse into the diverse and delectable food offerings that make Sonoma a culinary haven. From farm-fresh ingredients to innovative flavor combinations, the segment captured the essence of the region’s culinary artistry, leaving viewers craving a taste of Sonoma’s finest cuisine.

table full of delicious food and people eating main dish is a tray of bacon with dill pickles and some baby carrots radish and onion