Don’t stand by the stove in summer

08 / 2022 | by: Kctath

Of course, things can still change when our local summer arrives in September, and then you want to hide under the air conditioner and go on strike with cooking hot food. But in any case, long bright summer days should not be spent at the stove. Where better to go for a walk, especially in those places where professional chefs have already taken care of the food.


Folktable and Primal Cuts BBQ

f you’ve been to Cornerstone Sonoma while visiting the wine valleys of California , you know how great it is to spend time in this well-maintained gardens and shopping center. It is good to walk along the paths past the lush flower beds and fruit trees; go to the greenhouse where tiny succulents grow; admire the birch grove; sit by the pond, watching the frogs jumping on the lotus leaves; shop for fun knick-knacks and sit at an outdoor table under an olive tree at Folktable Restaurant to try some of Chef Casey Thompson’s summer menu, one of the stars of the Top Chef television competition.


Under her leadership, the restaurant uses products from its own organic farms, as well as Sonoma’s small-scale farmers, who deliver fresh, high-season harvested vegetables and fruits, and open-air poultry and meat. For example, the new California Mezze summer dish includes jerky and fresh cheese, smoked trout pate, pickled vegetables, olives, nuts, honeycombs and crackers. The usual menu, as always, includes a variety of salads, pies and sandwiches.


This summer, Primal Cuts BBQ is also open every weekend until the end of September from 12 pm to 3 pm , using a huge outdoor oven to prepare a variety of meat dishes. The restaurant is run by chef Oscar Gomez. His team of chefs prepare sausages, pork ribs, beef brisket and other delights that appear on the table, accompanied by pickles and pickled vegetables from the Folktable kitchen.


On a large lawn lined with tables and chairs, live music is even played on summer weekends as part of the Cornerstone Music Series program .


Folktable and Primal Cuts BBQ are located at 23584 Arnold Drive, Sonoma.

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